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1How long will I take supplements after evaluation?

How long will I take supplements after evaluation?

No one can reasonably guess at how each person may respond to care, and, as you know, we work hard to stay with the medical facts, lab test results, not guesswork. We have many people that prefer to stay on some [not all] supplements longer, over time, because those specific supplements, like a good multivitamin, keep them moving forward and symptom free. During the course of our work together we do help you make the decision about which ones to take, and which to drop, through follow up appointments. On the other hand we've seen numerous patients improve remarkably after simply changing their diet following IgG testing results. We frequently follow up with testing, most especially the Walsh Protocol after 4-6 months of work. If you review the findings of thousands of interventions on this linked Walsh page practitioners have set guidelines there of how long each subset of problems takes for significant recovery. Regarding those who suffer with Candida, the process does take longer, often even more than 1 year. Those yeast elements form biofilm defenses and the combination of diet to starve them combined with supplements [like Biocidin] to kill them often takes a longer more concerted effort based upon their own natural protective defenses as spelled out on this biofilm page. Our CorePsych Supplement Routine:
  1. Follow up with medication/supplement checks monthly until stable - usually in the range of 3-4 months.
  2. Follow up with retesting for the Walsh Protocol in the 4-6 month range.
  3. Follow up with Candida using the Microbial OATS, a less expensive test than the full OATS [described in detail here].
CoreTracks: The Most Effective Follow Up - recommended for either 6 months or 1 year. Do review our CoreTracks page and sign up for further updates if you're even casually interested. At CoreTracks we set up this program for specific and supportive follow up over time: we help you set your clear objectives and stay on top of your own multiple details with supplements. I'll regularly answer your questions [weekly] and provide support with direct answers to multiple questions that won't require a specific medical appointment. Our CoreTracks Plan: More clinically effective support at a better price point over time. Drop us a line over there and we will keep you posted as we move forward. Ask Tiffany for more details.
2Am I taking too much if some of the same supplements are duplicated in others?
The short answer to this often asked question is no. At CorePsych, as you know, our team is already quite conservative in dosing amounts and dosing strategies. We understand and fully appreciate the cost issue, and try to keep the cost down as you will see in our follow up meetings. The small amounts added in some of the additional items won't make you toxic. We watch carefully for any possible buildup or toxicity issues when we make our original specific recommendations. I have the same approach with supplements as I've addressed for years with medications: drug-drug interactions can be harmful, and we approach supplements in the same informed way.
3How do I connect with Desiree or Tiffany to answer basic administrative questions?
Simply drop a line or call through several possible connections here:

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